Thursday, February 21, 2008

lucky man

after a broken consistency with the blog world, i have decided finally. Finally for the
horizontal fall.
i have been sad all these days. may be this is just to pull myself out of an inexplicably affection-hatred pit which i cant crawl out from.

all these past years are hurling abuses at me. what have i done?
What Have I Done ??? circumstances pick you up, and leave you like a dot on a paper. thats when the insult starts to sting and you dont remember anything - the dot might advertise itself as a waiting, or a spot.

Lucky Man is a song by the verve. and this song has transformed this dot into a big sun. in this wrong season of harvest, i found out a way to shred this sad masquerade. i heard the song when i was 17. Now i am 26. the previous year i have discovered the song again excavating this philosopher's stone in the rumble called virtual reality. 'happiness' is really something in my own place, a love that i had been blind to, is something in my own mind, in my work.

i had been a student like most of you, falling in and out of love, having crushes every now and then, so many animals playing themeselves in inside me and institutions to tame them to ice. but now i amaze myself - i have been working, teaching not so young people, trying to fill their mind with the passion that the creators have died for. its a strange crossroad, your soul leaving you to savour the body and its ghost. the song atleast whispers to my stumbling thumb to search courage in my pocket, even in this moment of innocent farewell.
well am a lucky man, with fire in my hands... i am discovering the age old missions of discoveries i vowed for.